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This makes my day

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The most impressive Transformation Tuesday of all must go to Athelstan. Between slavery, battle, and his religious struggles — The Tiny Viking’s life has been changed forever.

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lee pace filmography

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I lost a bit of my concentration during this scene because he reminded me of Roy Walker (The Fall), the character who made me discover this talented and beautiful man.

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Oh yeah :) LOVE these two…

Yes!Hoping for season two.


Oh yeah :) LOVE these two…

Hoping for season two.

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→ Clive and Travis being cuties


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I hoped that watching the crucifixion scene for the second time would have been a bit easier. I was wrong.

Since I’m watching also Game of Thrones and Hannibal I think I’m quite used to blood and violence on TV. I’m often disgusted, sometimes upset (yes, I’m talking to you Mr. Martin!), but rarely emotionally involved.

Not in this case.
Beyond the fact that one of my favourite characters is involved, this scene is very realistic - thanks to Hirst, the director, the crew and George’s skills of course - and symbolic too.
I wanted to close my eyes this time.


I’ve noticed that Athelstan is still wearing his armring. I haven’t rewatched the following episodes yet, so it is possible that I don’t remember how Ragnar gets it back.






how is it possibile that the Emmy awards judges have forgotten Vikings as a TV show and George’s performance in this scene!?!?

(S02S04 Eye for an eye)

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"I want you there. I want you with me."

This man is a distraction.

I really enjoyed this episode. A person like Joe MacMillan, with the body and the voice of Lee Pace of course, could sell me anything, and  I’m not a person who can be convinced easily.
The presentation of the Mac is priceless( ̄ー ̄)

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Perfect cast is perfect.

Perfect cast is perfect.

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Smaug attacking Laketown.


Smaug attacking Laketown.